Wild Song

Wild IPA w/ Orange Wine

6.5% ABV473ml

Winey. Lime. Complex.

Brewed in collaboration with Messorem & Paradise Grapevine.

Whew, a lot went into making this beer!

Way back in fall of 2022 the gang from Messorem stopped in to say hello. We had a couple of beers and then they were on their way. As they left, they called us to let us know that one of our horses had escaped and was walking down the road. Fortunately, it was a brief sojourn and Mac the horse made his way back to the barn.

The Messorem crew were back in November 2022 for the beginning of our collaboration. They brought their mixed culture of yeast and we brewed some beer and let it do its thing in stainless steel for six months. After it developed some nice complexity, we added some of our beer that had been aging with our mixed culture. We left that beer to sit in stainless to blend together and finish maturation for an additional six months.

We knew that we wanted to add some wine to the blend so we talked to our friends at Paradise Grapevine and added a full barrel of skin contact sauvignon blanc. We let the beer and wine sit for a couple of months to coalesce at which point we gave it a gentle dry hop with Motueka hops that complemented the citrus notes that were already apparent in the blend by adding a little more lime character.

The result is extremely slakeable! We called it a Wild IPA but it could be called a variety of different things… a dry hopped farmhouse beer, a fruity saison, a complex spritzer. While it is very hard to sum up this beer in a couple of words, we know that it’s delicious.

We appreciate being able to make such a gratuitous beer with both Messorem and Paradise Grapevine. Cheers!

Wild Song