Ramble Tamble

Barrel Aged Wild Ale w/ Raspberries

6% ABV500ml


Ramble Tamble has a beautiful tart and jammy raspberry flavour. The beer spent over a year in French oak puncheons (500L barrels) in our underground cellar where two subtle brett yeast strains contributed some light funk.

We then transferred this beer onto a lot of Ontario-grown raspberries from the 2020 harvest year, upon which it refermented for three months before further conditioning in the bottle.

A mild acidity and slight funk complement the fresh, bright raspberry flavour which is front and centre.

We named this beer after our beloved Berkshire boar, Ramble Tamble. He’s been with us at the farm for almost a decade now, has sired hundreds of piglets, and has the gentlest nature you could ever dream of finding in a one tonne beast.


Ramble Tamble