6.2% ABV473ml

Piney. Fresh.

Greenbush is an IPA brewed with some of our favourite classic west coast hops and 100% Ontario malt. It's fresh, vibrant, punchy and green with some piney notes and a light juicy fruit flavour.

We set out to make an IPA that is a marriage of west and east coast IPA styles. The hops lend it a bold, resinous, piney flavour, layered on top of some delicate fruit notes. We get melon, lychee, candied orange, and papaya.

The mouthfeel is very soft and creamy and it has a low bitterness. 

Greenbush is the locals' name for the thick cedar forest our brewery is located in.

This is a fun one and quite different from our usual IPAs. Enjoy!

$ 4.75