Extra Fancy

Dry Hopped Grape Ale

7% ABV355ml

Winey. Fruity-er.

Extra Fancy is the extra special dry hopped version of Fancy, our first Grape Ale. Make sure you try them both!

For Extra Fancy, we took Fancy and added a lot of Citra and Galaxy hops to give it a ripe stone fruit aroma. It’s a fun way of seeing how hops can change a beer.

As a reminder, Fancy is a blend of a tart pale ale and 700 litres of Gewurztraminer grape juice from our friends at Redtail Vineyards here in Prince Edward County. 

We started with one ton of whole cluster grapes and let them sit on their skins for 7 days before being pressed. This left us with glorious orange “gew” juice that was blended into the beer and allowed to referment and condition.

Expect notes of tart lychee fruit, pineapple and elderflower with a dry, clean finish.

Extra Fancy